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DIY Yarn Tassels

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Yarn Tassels

-Crafting DIY-

Oh tassels, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love you on pillows, on baby blankets, and on throws.
I love you as tie-backs, as gift wrapping instead of bows.
I love you when you’re sitting atop of a hat,
Dangling from bonnet ties, or adorning placemats.
I’m always finding new ways to use you, oh tassel.
Thank goodness to make you, it’s quite easy, no hassle.
Needless to say, tassels are my jam. While I am also a fan of a good fluffy pom-pom, tassels are an excellent alternative for items you would like to lie flat, or when you want some movement. I find them easier to make than pom-pom’s as well. To whip up a tassel all you need is yarn, a tapestry needle (optional), scissors, and your hands.
For this tutorial I use super bulky yarn, namely Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Marble. You can also use a medium weight yarn with these same directions. Simply double the yarn.
  1. With your scissors, cut two (approximately 6 inch) pieces of yarn. One will be used to secure the tassel and one will be used to tie around the tassel.
  1. Using your hand, place the end of the yarn across your palm.
*A tip: I usually hold the end in place with my thumb until I have a few wraps to keep it in place.
  1. Wrap the yarn around your hand 15 times and cut off any extra yarn. Feel free to wrap more for a fluffier tassel or less for a thinner tassel. I find that 15 wraps of a super bulky yarn is a nice weight for most projects.
*A tip: wrap somewhat loosely. You will need to slide a piece of yarn in between the yarn wrapping and your hand.
  1. Using your tapestry needle (or your fingers) and one strand of cut yarn you made in step 1, slide the yarn piece in between the yarn wrapping and your hand. It should sit at the top of the yarn wrapping, evenly spaced. Make sure every strand is contained in this yarn piece.
  1. Carefully slide the yarn wrapping off your hand, keeping the yarn piece centered on the top.
  1. Tie a tight double knot with the first yarn strand, securing the yarn wrapping together at the top. Then place the yarn wrapping on top of the second yarn piece, approximately one inch from the top.
  1. Tie a tight double knot around the yarn wrapping. This is what creates that little puff at the top of the tassel.
  1. Using your scissors cut the loops on the bottom of the yarn wrapping.
  1. Trim any uneven ends of the bottom of the tassel.
10.  Using your tapestry needle (or fingers), weave in the ends from the knot tied around the tassel.
That’s it! Tassel complete. Now go tassel everything!
Like the Iceland Baby Blanket! You can make your own with my easy-as-pie crochet pattern, or buy one already made. Score.
Copyright Morgan Roberts 2016
** This DIY is written by me, Morgan Roberts, and all photos and text are copyrighted. Tassels made may be used for anything your heart desires, but the photos and instruction may not be used without my permission. Feel free to link to the tutorial, or email me with any questions. I love hearing from you! **

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