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Crochet Rose Pattern

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Crochet Rose 


I have this thing with flowers.  As in, I'm totally obsessed with them.  So it's only natural that I make tons of crochet flowers in every shape and size. The rose is one of my favorites.  To make the size shown above, follow the pattern below with a medium worsted weight yarn and an H hook.  You can also double your chain to make an even larger flower with more petals, which I also do quite often.  The one shown above also has three crystal beads sewn in the center.  Cause who doesn't love a little bling?

Stitches (sts)
Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)
Double Crochet (dc)
You will need yarn, a hook, and a tapestry needle

Crochet Pattern
1. Ch 22
2. Ch 4, dc in 4th chain from hook *Skip 2 sts, (dc, ch1, dc)* across. 
     In this row you are make the base that your petals are going to form from.  Each petal will rest in every ch1 space.
3. (Ch3, 7dc) in 1st ch1 space from previous row; this is your first petal.  Then sc in between each (dc, ch1, dc) to round out each petal, and 8dc in each ch1 space across. Tie off with super long tail. 

Making the Rose
Thread the tail into your tapestry needle.  Start winding your rose (which at this point is a swirly length of petals) in a circle, keeping the starting chain row on the bottom and the petals on the top.  Keep the center of the circle tight and with each wrap around widen the circle so the petal fall behind the petals from the previous row and the center.  As you wind you will see the rose take form.  Using the long tail and the tapestry needle, sew the underside of the rose from each petal towards the center to secure.  Tie off.  

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