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Crochet Blossom

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Crochet Blossom

pattern and tutorial

This simple flower may look innocuous on its own, but works great as an embellishment, and grouped together it can make quite an impact.  This is also a great starting off point for creating your own flowers!  As simple as 1, 2, 3, (literally since there are only 3 rounds), even a beginner can whip up a field of these cuties in no time.  I use these for any type of blossom, and in pink, they read really well as cherry blossoms. 

You will need to know:
ch - Chain
sl st - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
sk st - skip stitch
* - repeat
These blossoms can be made with any coordinating yarn weight from thread or super bulky and hook but I made these lovelies using embroidery floss and a F5/3.75MM hook.  You could easily substitute crochet thread or lace weight as well.  
You will need yarn or thread or floss (above is DMC floss in very light pewter), coordinating hook (in this case an F) and a tapestry needle. 
Ch 4
 Sl st in first ch to form a ring. Then you are going to sc into the circle you formed with your sl st.
Tip: To sc into the circle, put your hook through the circle and pull your yarn back through the circle and up, then sc as usual.
10sc inside the circle, sl st in first sc to join.
*(ch 3, sk st, sl st) 5 times
This creates the base for your petals.
The 3 chains with the skipped stitch create these little loops, five loops in total, one for each petal that you will make in the next round.
*(sc, 3dc, sc) in each chain 3 space (the loop shown above) from the previous round.  Repeat for each chain 3 space, 5 in total. 
Sl st in first sc and pull tail through to secure.  
Finished!!  Aren't they sweet?  I love these little ladies. 
River loves them too!

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