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Beginners Classic Crochet Cowl

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The Beginners Classic Cowl

Crochet Pattern 

I created this classic cowl in a pattern easy enough for crochet beginners; so much so it would be a perfect first project!  It works up quickly, is super warm, and easy to wear.  All you need to know is how to chain stitch and single crochet!  
This pattern really does work for any worsted weight or heavy worsted yarn.  For a winter cowl, and what I use for this example, I recommend a heavy worsted yarn, which is a bit thicker than a worsted weight.  The red you see here is Stitch Nation Alpaca Love in Ruby.  It's a wonderfully warm (and non-itchy) option made from a blend of alpaca wool and wool.  
You will need:
2 skeins of Alpaca Love yarn, 264 yards in total (or any heavy worsted yarn that totals 264 yards)
Size P crochet hook
Tapestry needle (optional)
You will need to know how to:
Ch - Chain
Sc - Single crochet
Sl St - Slip stitch (optional)
These are the very basics of crochet and will be the first steps in learning this craft.  Just knowing how to chain and sc will open up a whole world of patterns to you; this one included!
For this pattern you are going to hold two strands of yarn together while you crochet.  Tip: pull the yarn from the center of the skein instead of unraveling from the outside; this allows the yarn strand to flow freely without having the wrestle the yarn around the outside, and keeps the two strands from becoming tangled.  Once you have knotted both strands around your P hook (I use a slip knot) we are ready to begin.
1. Ch 51, turn
2. In the second stitch from your hook, sc, then sc 49 across the foundation chain (total of 50 sc stitches), ch 1, turn 
Tip: The Chain 1 at the end of each row is your turning chain; it is simply a stitch to allow you to turn your work to crochet back along the next row.  You do not sc into this chain for this pattern.  When you begin your next row, sc in the last sc stitch from the previous row.
3. Sc 50, chain 1, turn
4. Sc 50, chain 1, turn
5. Sc 50, chain 1, turn
Here is what your cowl should be looking like at this point.  There is no deviation from this pattern from row 2 onward.  You continue single crocheting, making a rectangle. 
6. Sc 50, chain 1, turn
7. Sc 50, chain 1, turn
8. Sc 50, chain 1, turn
9. Sc 50, chain 1, turn
10. Sc 50, chain 1, turn
Continue for 11-20 rows.
At the end of your 20th row, you will have a rectangle.  You can close your rectangle two ways; slip stitch the ends together, or simply use a tapestry needle and sew the ends together.  I use my crochet hook and slip stitch.  To do this, hold the short ends of your rectangle together making sure to perfectly line up the stitches on each end.  Insert your hook into complimentary stitches on both ends of the rectangle, yarn over, pull through both stitches, and finish your slip stitch.  Then move on the next pair of stitches and repeat down the length of the short end.  When you reach the end, cut yarn and tie off.  You can use a tapestry needle, or simply use your fingers, to weave in the tails of the yarn.  Turn right side out.
This is what a slip stitch seam looks like on the inside.  You will flip the cowl right side out after completing.
Here it is right sides out! 
A perfect, classic cowl.  Yay you!
You can always lessen the rows to make a thinner cowl, or increase them for a longer design.  I love the simplicity and ease of wear of the classic cowl.  
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**This pattern is written by me, Morgan Roberts, and all photos and text are copy-written.  Cowls made may be used for personal use or gifts, but may not be sold, nor may the photos be used without my permission.  Feel free to email me with any questions, I love hearing from you!** 

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