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Free Patterns & Tutorials — crochetflower

Crochet Blossom

blossom crochetflower crochetpattern diy free howto pattern tutorial

Crochet Blossom pattern and tutorial This simple flower may look innocuous on its own, but works great as an embellishment, and grouped together it can make quite an impact.  This is also a great starting off point for creating your own flowers!  As simple as 1, 2, 3, (literally since there are only 3 rounds), even a beginner can whip up a field of these cuties in no time.  I use these for any type of blossom, and in pink, they read really well as cherry blossoms. You will need to know:ch - Chainsl st - slip stitchsc - single crochetdc...

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Crochet Rose Pattern

crochetflower crochetpattern crochetrose diy free howto pattern

Crochet Rose  pattern I have this thing with flowers.  As in, I'm totally obsessed with them.  So it's only natural that I make tons of crochet flowers in every shape and size. The rose is one of my favorites.  To make the size shown above, follow the pattern below with a medium worsted weight yarn and an H hook.  You can also double your chain to make an even larger flower with more petals, which I also do quite often.  The one shown above also has three crystal beads sewn in the center.  Cause who doesn't love a little bling? Stitches...

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