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Memory Bear Bespoke Heirloom
King Soleil

Memory Bear Bespoke Heirloom

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A unique opportunity to create an heirloom from a special piece of fabric from your life, come adopt a River & Fleur™ Bespoke Bear that will live for generations as a beloved part of your home. 

Bespoke Bears are recommend for children over 3 years of age because of their button joints and accessories. They make beautiful room decor for nurseries until they can be handled and loved with care. They are meant for gently loving play, and/or display.  


We will work together to create a bear representing a person, thought, feeling, song, character, or anything else you can imagine.  You will send me fabric or any personal item, whether it be new, or loved for years, and I will turn whatever you send into a bear.  If you only have a small portion of fabric or an accessory, I can incorporate that fabric, piece of jewelry, etc., into the design.  This is a wonderful way to memorialize a loved one, or preserve a piece of your family's history.  For example, wedding gowns make beautiful bears!

With hand sewn vintage button joints, the bear's arms and legs are posable and he or sit sits quite sturdy on a bed, chair, dresser, or shelf.  Bears can be delicately scented with organic dried lavender, which is mixed with his or her belly stuffing, creating a calming and soothing aroma.  This is included in the price but can be omitted upon request.  When standing, the bear is just shy of 11 inches tall.

Any leftover fabric or accessory is returned with the bear.  Bears come with their own bag for safe keeping.  


Once the order for a bespoke bear is placed, I will email you to say hello (and thank you!) and we will begin designing your bear.  I will send you my address to send your fabrics or accessories and as soon as I receive them I will begin making your special heirloom bear.  The best fabrics are cotton, wool, linen, silks, and blends of the above.  Very lightweight fabrics, heavyweight fabrics, jewelry,  buttons, beads, or other bobbles, can be used as accessories on the bear.  

If you have any questions please contact me for more information.  I love hearing from you!

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