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Circus Bear Arnoud Heirloom Handmade Doll
King Soleil

Circus Bear Arnoud Heirloom Handmade Doll

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C I R C U S  B E A R S
rich velvet bodies, wool tartan bodies, circus hats and Edwardian collars

The River & Fleur™ Circus Bears are comprised of one of a kind, heirloom handmade dolls, bears, to be precise, meant for years and years of loving make-believe play.


I am very pleased to introduce Arnoud, a French Circus Bear who has made quite a name for himself as a master juggler.  When Arnoud is not practicing his next fantastic trick, you can find him playing dominos with his fellow Circus Bear friends.  Arnoud holds the domino record!  Truly one of a kind, his body is ivory 100% cotton velvet and his belly is made from 100% wool tartan from Scotland.  He wears a red faux leather hat with red and gold tassel, satin buttons, red, gold and satin sleeve details, tartan shoes with satin buttons and red embroidered detailing on his legs.  A special attribute of Circus Bears is their Edwardian ruffled collars. Arnoud is looking for his happily ever after home!

A bit about River & Fleur™

Harking back to a time when toys were truly treasured, becoming an heirloom for generations, River & Fleur dolls are each handmade with utmost care, and meant not only as one of a kind display pieces for collectors, but are made to be loved and partake in countless make-believe adventures.

Circus Bear dolls are 15.5 inches from the top of their ears to their toes with hand embroidered face. Body seams are double stitched.  Circus Bears do not have removable accessories, as their many details are hand sewn directly to the bear.  Bears are recommended for ages 3 and up due to small embellishments. 


  • River & Fleur Circus Bears dolls are made from velvet and other high quality materials such as wool
  • Details are hand embroidered and hand sewn
  • Each and every doll is one of a kind
  • Edwardian collars give Circus Bears a unique and intricate vintage appeal


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