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Custom My First River & Fleur Doll - King Soleil - 1
King Soleil

Custom My First River & Fleur Doll

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M Y  F I R S T  R I V E R  &  F L E U R  D O L L
florals, season inspired colors, soft, cuddly, and safe for all ages
Design a custom My First River & Fleur™ handmade heirloom doll now with your own personal touch!

Custom dolls can be created with a wide variety of color options.  As soon as the order comes through I will be in touch so we can begin designing your doll.

The My First River & Fleur™ Collection is comprised of one of a kind, heirloom handmade dolls, made safe for even the littlest ones, with no small accessories or parts. Dolls are meant for years and years of loving make-believe play. Colors range from light neutrals like ivory, cream, and ecru, to multi florals.  Each doll is lightly scented with organic dried lavender, creating a calming and soothing aroma.  

My First River & Fleur Dolls are safe for all ages.  They are meant for tons of snuggles, play, and/or display.  Dolls comes with a removable bonnet, which I recommend be removed for littles ones under the age of three, or played with under supervision.

A bit about River & Fleur™

Harking back to a time when toys were truly treasured, becoming an heirloom for generations, River & Fleur dolls are each handmade with utmost care, and meant not only as one of a kind display pieces for collectors, but are made to be loved and partake in countless make-believe adventures.

River & Fleur dolls are 18 inches from head to toe with hand embroidered face and wool felt hair. Body seams are double stitched.

  • River & Fleur dolls are made from linen and other high quality materials such as silk dupioni, cotton, and wool felt
  • Details are hand embroidered and hand sewn
  • Each and every doll is one of a kind
  • Stuffed with poly-fil and organic dried lavender buds

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