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Flora & Fauna Keeper Protector of Foxgloves - King Soleil - 1
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Flora & Fauna Keeper Protector of Foxgloves

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F L O R A  &  F A U N A  K E E P E R S

Each Flora & Fauna Keeper is given a nature spirit to protect.  They live in forests all over the world, staying out of sight beneath fallen trees, in tree trunks, and under moss.  Each Keeper is made of velveteen with hand painted linen face, wool felt hat, and removable crochet scarf.  Each doll is handmade, one of a kind, and is 8 inches tall from the tip of their hats to their toes.


This little Keeper is plum with a plum flower on her white cap, and wears an ivory scarf.  

See photos of additional keepers for size reference in the last two photos.

A bit about River & Fleur™

Harking back to a time when toys were truly treasured, becoming an heirloom for generations, River & Fleur dolls are each handmade with utmost care, and meant not only as one of a kind display pieces for collectors, but are made to be loved and partake in countless make-believe adventures.

Keepers are safe for all ages but I recommend removing their scarves for little ones under the age of 3.  If you are purchasing for a child under the age of 3, I am happy to sew on the scarf for you.  Email me for more info. morgan@kingsoleil.com

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