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Mermaid Doll Frost Pixie Collection - King Soleil - 1
King Soleil

Mermaid Doll Frost Pixie Collection

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P I X I E  C O L L E C T I O N - M E R M A I D S
hand-held petite size, shimmer, wings, and mermaid tails
The Pixie Collection is comprised of one of a kind, heirloom handmade dolls, in a miniature hand-held size, perfect for adventures on the go, meant for years and years of loving make-believe play. Pixie Collection dolls are made from high quality fabrics like silk and linen. Colors span neutrals, metallics, brights, prints, tartans, and florals. Each doll is lightly scented with organic dried lavender, creating a calming and soothing aroma. Mermaids have shimmer tulle wings and tails.

Pixie Mermaid Collection dolls are recommended for children age three and up due to small embellishments and removable accessories. They are meant for gentle loving play and/or display. Removable clothing includes a pinafore dress and bonnet.

I am very pleased to introduce Frost, a pastel dreamy pixie mermaid. Frost has a light aqua silk and gold embroidered tail, linen face, winter white wool felt hair, and green silk and wool blend back. She wears an ecru colored dress and palest pink crochet bonnet.  Her wings are shimmer ivory tulle.  Frost is looking for her happily ever after home!

A bit about River & Fleur™

Harking back to a time when toys were truly treasured, becoming an heirloom for generations, River & Fleur dolls are each handmade with utmost care, and meant not only as one of a kind display pieces for collectors, but are made to be loved and partake in countless make-believe adventures.

River & Fleur mermaid pixie dolls are 8 inches from head to toe with hand embroidered face and wool felt hair. Body seams are double stitched. Each one of a kind doll comes with removable accessories unique to the collection.

  • River & Fleur dolls are made from linen and other high quality materials such as silk and wool felt
  • Details are hand embroidered and hand sewn
  • Each and every doll is one of a kind
  • Pixie Mermaid dolls are lightly scented with organic dried lavender
  • All clothes and accessories are removable for gentle dress-up play, edges are sewn or have french seams for longevity
If you have any questions, or are looking for a doll for a younger child, feel free to contact me for options that do not have removable accessories or delicate embellishments.

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