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Mermaid Fox Mama and Baby Doll Set - King Soleil - 1
King Soleil

Mermaid Fox Mama and Baby Doll Set

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*Collection Preview*

River & Fleur™ Mermaid Foxes are coming!  Take advantage of this special offer to adopt your own pair of dolls before the collection launches in 2017.  

M E R M A I D  F O X E S

Combining my love of all things woodland and all things of the sea, I have created these shy, but quite friendly, magical creatures.  Mermaid foxes live in forest creeks and steams, dodging crayfish and playing among the ripples from river stones.  If you want to catch a peek at a mermaid fox you must be very quiet, and look carefully for little tails kicking up at skipping stones, their favorite game.


I am very pleased to introduce Isla, a mermaid fox mama, and her baby, Persephone.  Persephone has not yet grown her tail, so she rides along with her mama in a little backpack.  Mermaid foxes live in forest creeks and steams, dodging crayfish and playing among the ripples from river stones.  You can find Isla and Persephone swimming alongside the mermaid pixies, as Persephone is quite taken by all things shimmery.

Isla measures 15 inches from the tip of her ears to the tip of her tail.  She is made from natural linen, ivory cotton velvet, and a shimmery floral fabric.  She wears a crochet bonnet, and her backpack for Persephone, which are both removable. 

Persephone measures nearly 6 inches from the top of her ears to the bottom of her body.  She is made from the same fabrics as her mama and also wears a removable crochet bonnet.

A bit about River & Fleur™

Harking back to a time when toys were truly treasured, becoming an heirloom for generations, River & Fleur dolls are each handmade with utmost care, and meant not only as one of a kind display pieces for collectors, but are made to be loved and partake in countless make-believe adventures.

Each Mermaid Fox has a hand embroidered face, body seams are double stitched, and come either as seperate babies and mamas, or as pairs.


  • River & Fleur Mermaid Fox dolls are made from linne, cotton velvet and other high quality materials.
  • Details are hand embroidered and hand sewn
  • Each and every doll is one of a kind
  • Dolls are created with seams between their tails and bodies so they can sit, and be easily perched on a shelf, bed, chair, or on any adventure they are taken on.

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